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The National Party

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The National Party exists to articulate a vision, to communicate that vision to the Irish people and to seek a mandate from them. We are not a single issue party but will put forward a full range of social and economic policies. We contend that the interests of the Irish people take priority above the interests of internationalists, high-financiers and distant technocrats. We contend that the first duty of an Irish government is to an Irish people and that this duty can only be served by the National Idea. Ireland cannot simply be a transport hub for a global citizenry. It must be rooted, coherent and authentic to itself.

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Rebecca Barrett Unknown Current
John Daly Unknown Current
Philip Dwyer Unknown Current
Eileen Gunning Unknown Current
Paul Hanley Unknown Current
Selina Irvine Unknown Current
Paul McWeeney Unknown Current
Criistín Ní Mhaoldhomhnaigh Unknown Current
Stephen Redmond Unknown Current
James Reynolds Unknown Current